Yoga Festival Spirit 

A few years ago, I was invited to an exclusive Yoga healing festival in Portugal. It was an intimate gathering of less than 5,000 people and unlike any of these commercial Yoga retreats or British festivals that might come to mind. 

Celebrating Summer Solstice

You had to be personally invited by someone to keep it intimate and connected and I guess it’s a good way to come together with likeminded people with the same organic values and way of life. 

They had everything I could dream of: Tai Chi classes with Chilean masters, powerful Yoga classes, melodic Kirtan with Sikh pathis, meditation seminars with Tibetan monks, organic trance music and a cooling magic lake. 

I had some incredible experiences with strangers who became friends, despite not knowing each other’s names or speaking the same language, as well as actually enjoying time with friends from home who I went with. 

The festival doesn’t take place each year but this year its back and I have invited my beautiful best friend to go with. I cannot wait to relax and vibe with my tribe. 

Aerial Yoga by the Magic Lake

Sikh Pathis joining in the festivities

Summer Solstice celebrations


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