Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful crystal/stone that has always called out to me so it’s no surprise that it’s also my zodiac birthstone (Gemini – and also Capricorn). I have the crystal in various forms, including a new Tiger’s Eye mala bead necklace from Portugal. It’s also a great stone for crystal healing. Find out more about healing crystals here.

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Where does Tiger’s Eye Come From?
This stone is largely found in South Africa but can also be found in India, Brazil, Burma, USA and Western Australia. They are very common to find today and can found in all sorts of jewellery shops and stalls in the UK.

The Meaning of Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye is known as the protector stone that brings good luck to the wearer. It is typically a golden brown colour, with beautiful bands resembling the eye of a tiger or cat and is commonly associated with the solar plexus chakra and the earth element.

It is a stabilising and grounding crystal that enhances self-confident and helps release anxiety and fear. This really is a powerful stone, which also helps its owner stimulate action in a situation as well as helping with decision making. So, if you are a bit indecisive or need a bit of grounding, this might be the stone for you.

It was a loose stone that attracted my attention and called me, all those years ago. The lady at my old crystal healing store said that it would bring me courage, confidence and protection and also to keep it with me at all times, which I do. When a crystal is kept within your aura, it is easier to share its energy with you. Traditionally, it was carried as an amulet and protected against curses and ill-wishes.

Tiger’s Eye also comes in Blue (Hawk’s Eye) and Red (Dragon Eye). The Blue stone is associated with the throat chakra and the air element. It is thought to calm and relax the owner, slow down metabolism and aid overanxious, overactive and quick tempered personalities, whether that’s emotionally or sexually. It’s counterpart, the Red stone, is associated with the base chakra and the element of fire. It is thought to provide motivation, overcome lethargic behaviour, speed up metabolism, and increase a low sex drive.

What Can It Do For Me?
There are many ways that Tiger’s Eye can help. It can clear the mind, which is great for those whose emotions tend to cloud their judgements. It also helps balance the yin and yang within the body, releasing tension where possible.

Physically, the Tiger’s Eye helps to enhance weakened areas when needed. It is often associated with treating broken bones, reproductive organs, eye, throat and also releases toxins and alleviates pain. It is also said to invoke vibrations of ‘the will’, which sounds all kinda fancy!

Can it Help Me at Work?
Although the stone energises your body and mind, it can also help calm you too. If you work in a profession where you have to see two sides – like a negotiator, meditator (or even in PR like me) – this stone can help you see both sides of the situation in a calm and rational way.

Wearing Tiger’s Eye
As mentioned above, wearing Tiger’s Eye is the most effective way to use the stone. Wearing it in the form of a ring or bracelet keeps the energy closer to the lower chakras, which is the most effective way of wearing it. I often wear my mala beads around my wrist but also wear it as a necklace sometimes, to keep close to my solar plexus too.

Meditating with Tiger’s Eye
It is an excellent stone for mediation as it holds the Golden Ray vibration drawing in compassion, grace and unconditional love. If you’re truly focused, using this stone may bring you closer to the Golden Light or enlightenment.

Boosting Tiger’s Eye Engery
As always, it’s always crucial to cleanse your crystals (more on crystal cleansing here). Also remember that crystals love the moonlight, being outside and the soil, especially for earthy crystals like the Tiger’s Eye.




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