Dream Yoga 

So, tomorrow I’m going to a Dream Yoga discussion in Euston to find out more about Lucid Dreaming. I remember studying Lucid Dreaming when I studied Psychology during my A-Level’s and there was a lot of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung – who I found very interesting back then but would probably contradict most things they say now. As I don’t study Psychology or physics or metaphysics anymore, I can’t go into detail on the ins and outs of Lucid Dreaming but then again, who can!? All I know about Lucid Dreaming is from my spiritual and personal experience and from what I’ve read sporadically about the topic, after my initial introduction to the topic when I was 16.
So what is Lucid Dreaming? To me, Lucid Dreaming is a state of consciousness that is separate to the tangible realities of day to day life. It’s a realm where your sub-conscience character is able to explore the depths of a new and separate reality that your day to day character IS aware of.

When I say character, I don’t mean soul. I think that we have different characters in different places, with different people and in different times. I think the same is the case in spiritual plains. It’s a character that is not affected by the materialism of the western world. That is not affected by people. That is not affected by time. That is not affected. True character.

I’ve always been a wee bit of a dreamer since a young age – whether that’s dreaming about walking on the moon, singing on an awesome stage in a gold Lycra jumpsuit covered in sparkly glitter or running in a field of blue bonnets. I have also been lucid dreaming since I can remember – so I’m asleep and have realised that I’m dreaming but still remain asleep. Sometimes, I exercise controlling my dreams but I also like to see they pan out too so have recently refrained from that.

I think this discussion/talk is going to be a good one and I found myself reading streams and streams on the topic last night! I kind of can’t wait – eeeek! I’ll make sure that I write a post about the speakers and what I learnt tomorrow too. Going to go in with questions, which I’ll devise after I pack for India tonight (have been trying to pack for days)!

Until then, toodles! Xxxx


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