Finding Your Self

It is important to love yourself because you are the only person who will be with you eternally. This means it’s important to try and understand yourself and find your inner light, no matter how much you might think you can’t (don’t worry though, I feel that aaaall the time!)

Take the time to learn about what you like – your likes. Your dislikes. Your dreams. Your pet peeves. Your loves. Your favourite colour (pink & gold). Why it’s your favourite colour (I love the combination because it reminds me of a pink tiger lily in a glass of champagne). Why isn’t blue/green/yellow etc your favourite colour (they’re great colours and I appreciate them but other colours don’t give me the same giddy feeling that pink & gold do).

This section will digest and dig deeper into The Self in terms of the relative, intangible, abstract and subjective emotions, like happiness, fear, love, freedom etc.


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