Cows are Fascinating

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and then found myself reading up on cows. Yep, cows. They are very interesting animals and I love spending time with them when I’m in India but I do find them quite intimidating sometimes just because they are so huge!


Walking with cows
Apparently, there is a cow charging season! So, for those who like to take leisurely walks through the fields, do be aware of charging cows! Especially, if they have calves (babies, not leg muscles) with them as they get pretty darn protective. For some reason, they don’t like evenings either – keep your field walking to early mornings, I say!

Cows and witchcraft
In my mid-teens, I had a fascination with stories on witchcraft, particularly the Salem witch trials. I can’t remember where I read this but apparently when cows sit down in the field, it means it’s going to rain. They’re probably sitting to conserve energy but low and behold, it rains! Some people in Salem noticed this cow sitting and weather change trend and those who did were accused of being witches. I think the persecutors should have focused their energy on how cows can magically tell the weather…

Cow’s are sacred animals
As most are aware, cows are seen to be sacred animals in India as represent a maternal figure and a divine earthly spirit. Cows roam the streets in India and cars actually have to wait for them to move before they can go drive on. They have a long history with Hindu Gods and also produce milk for the families in villages. Cow dung is even used as fuel to generate heat and electricity (as it’s high in methane gas) so they are highly respected animals.

Cows and breeds
Cows are fascinating creatures and so are breeds of cows. Montibeliard and French Semmintel cows in the Jura massif region of Eastern France for example, are fed quality hay (during winter) and fresh grass and flowers (during summer) to produce the best quality milk to make Comté cheese. The cheese will go through a rigourous and strict process but the process starts with a certain breed of cow. Without the Montbeliards and Semmintel cows, Comté would not exist. This is very similar to other types of milks and cheeses.



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