Top 10 Gift Ideas For Yogis

Today, is officially the start of my birthday week! My family and friends have recently asked me what I would like as a present, aside from their presence and happy thoughts of course, but I am so easy to buy for. Anything to do with yoga, meditation and genuine positive vibes is a winner in my eyes.

Presents don’t have to be costly and materialistic – instead, someting thoughtful and useful to further my practice would do the trick. I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of top 10 gifts that all yogis would love to have. It’s a perfect guide for those who are buying for someone, for the yogis who aren’t sure what they want and also if you want to treat yourself to a nice present too (why not?)!

Every yogi loves a good pair of funky leggings and Alter Ego have perfect prints for any yoga occasion. I love this ‘Empowering Ocean Legging’ pair, which was actually my first purchase from the website. Use the code: YOGASABRINA for a fab 15% off any order!

Alter Ego

I absolutely love this website – it has the most amazing range of yoga apparel you can dream of. The quirky prints and designs are simple and a great gift for any yoga lover (and who doesn’t love a crop tee?)
Om Shop

What better way to start the day than with a deliciously fresh mint tea in this Namaste mug from Alotamugs. They have a range of different prints you can buy from Etsy but I think this is my fave.

Namaste Mug

These candles are the Papa of all candles. I have a candle that I got for Christmas, light it every night and it’s still going! The fragrances are wonderful, I prefer vanilla scents but there’s a great variety to choose from.

Yankee Candle

Beautiful mala beads are perfect for meditation and when chanting prayers throughout the day. Hippicious have a wonderful collection and this 108 Bead Mala with a Cranberry/Plum Lepidolite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Mystic and sparkling Agate, Crystal Beads are perfect!


This Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat is a bring comfort and cushioning to ones practice and comes in many different colours too.

Manduka Yoga Mat

Meditation cushions are great when you’re planning on meditating for a long period of time. This Zafu Meditation Cushion from Gaiam is ideal for a comfortable session.

Gaiam cushion

Perfect for sound meditation and sound healing. I have a variety from India, which vary in shapes and sounds.

hand chimes
Great for off the floor Yoga to strengthen your arms, core and make you feel uplifted. These ones from lululemon do the job well!
Lululemon blocks
After all, they’re interesting to look at and they produce more oxygen. B&Q are always a good shout for pretty plants and flowers.

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