Silence is Golden 

There are so many languages in this world in order for us to communicate with one and other. However, according to, Yoga and Meditation expert, Yogi Ashokananda, all we need is silence. Last weekend, Yogi Ashokananda held the open stage talking about the language of silence. He said silence is the mother of all language, we all speak silence but most of us cannot hear silence. Sometimes, we may think that we can understand someone when we are silent, maybe through gestures or eye contact, but when we speak, that connection and understanding is lost.

This particularly made me think of a time back in Portugal when I was at the Yoga festival. I was in a Tai Chi class and we were asked to follow our senses to partner up. I trusted my sense and wondered around the room and eventually my eyes locked with a man from the other side of the room. For an hour, we practiced Tai Chi together, we cried, we laughed but we did not speak. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience because there was no expectation, no judgement – just honesty and being.

Another interesting point Yoga Ashokananda made was that if you don’t listen to yourself, which is one of the main premises of Bhakti yoga, then how can you listen to other people? I absolutely accept this, if we can’t understand ourselves, how can we expect to understand other people? We need to listen to ourselves more and pay attention to ourselves so we can listen to others better.

It was a quick session at the Mind Body and Spirit festival but one that was worth it and spiked some further thinking into the topic of silence. Silence is indeed golden.


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