Mind Body and Spirit Festival

This weekend is the Mind Body and Spirit Festival and I’m going with my beautiful Mum to join in the festivities.


I went to the event by myself last year and loved all of the different kinds of people assembling into one space. The free stage played some lovely healing music and the Rose Quartz and Amethyst called my name all the way from the other side of the arena. I originally went there last year to go to a lucid dreaming workshop, as that’s about the time when I really started to get into Dream Yoga so I wanted to expand my knowledge on the subject.


This year, we’re going to see Dr. Paul McKenna, who can apparently change my life in just a few hours. I love the idea of positive thinking and adjusting the mindset so I’m excited to see what this year’s event has got up its sleeve!

I remember, some of the people who were exhibiting there last year were a bit uncomfortably preachy. There was a lady praying for me because I didn’t want to sit down and listen to the stories of Jesus for hours (I was probably sitting there for a good 20 minutes as it was, just to be nice) and a man telling me that all relationships are selfish. I noticed that some of the people were a little judgemental but hey, each to their own,

Of course, it wasn’t everyone. Most people were just doing what they loved. Playing music, singing, dancing etc. I hope to see more of that this year and I hope to show my Mum that side of it too.



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