5 Reasons to Eat Goji Berry

I love goji berries. In my cereal, in my water, in my salads with boiled eggs and walnuts – yum! Not only are goji berries delicious, they are in fact very good for our bodies (in moderation, of course!) I usually have them in a dried form, which I buy from the super market or health stores just so they are easier to keep.

Why are they so good?

The goji berry, or the “wolfberry”, has strong roots in Chinese medicine, with a history of over 2,000 years. It’s said that Himalayan monks added goji berries to hot water to aid meditation and increase stamina, health and vitality. If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why goji berries are just the best:

1. High in antioxidants and vitamins

If you’re looking for foods rich in vitamin C, A, fiber, iron and zinc, as well as antioxidents, these are the berries for you. They contain complex carbohydrates so blood sugar will be released slowly, preventing risk of sugar rush. They also contain all 8 amino acids and approximately 4 servings of goji berry goodness equates to 10% of your daily protein intake! Sounds good to me.

2. Promote healthy skin

Goji berries are a great source of beta-carotene (antioxidants) and phytonutrients that help protect the skin. According to a bunch of beauty products for the skin, they are packed with anti-ageing ingredients and eating them will help maintain soft supple skin.

3. Keep your energy and mood up

Food that are high in antioxidants are said to increase mood and energy – stick a few of these berries in your tea and you’ll be bouncing off the walls with happiness – or so they say. Traditionally, the berry has been thought to fight depression and other disorders.

4. Help aid weight loss

If you want to melt a few pounds, goji berries have been known to help aid the weight loss process. Along with proper diet and exercise, the berry is very low in calories and sugar, perfect to add to yogurt, oats and salad (guilty!)

5. Boost fertility

Scientific tests have shown that goji berries can help male fertility – it’s said they may increase sperm count and mobility. It could be a load of boo-hawkey. BUT. IT MIGHT TRUE, GUYS!

Many people used the little drops of heaven to help the eyes, liver and kidneys. Some also say that these magical berries increase life expectancy, reduce arthritis pain and help over all wellbeing. Try them out, find out what they can help you with!


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