What is Hygge?

What is hygge? 

Ever gone for a long walk at home on a crisp winters morning and thought, ‘this is nice’? Or, enjoyed snuggling up with a warm drink by the fire, listening to the rain trickle down the window?

That’s hygge.

It’s recognising and acknowledging every little thing that makes us happy.


Where does Hygge come from?

Hygge is known as the Danish way of life, enjoying each day as it comes and being happy with the small and simple things, most of which we take for granted (and by ‘we’ I mean each and everyone of us – we can all appreciate more).

How do you pronounce Hygge? 

I’ve read a couple of times that hygge is just a word and does not encompass the actual practice of ‘hygge’ so it doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. I totally understand this but for those of you like me who want to get their pronunciations bang on, we need to know! Plus, words are words, no words can really encompass a spiritual practice (let’s starts calling Buddhism ‘Biddhsm’ and Yoga ‘Woga’ hah!)

Even now, when I see the word, I read it as “hyge” as in “Hyge-nist”. Right….

Wrong… the correct way to pronounce the word is “hoo-gah”, like  “who-ga”.

It will take a while for this to sink in and for it to roll of your tongue naturally but yep, that’s it.

Hygge trending

There are a lot of people who are pushing for hygge to become a new movement, especially in London where things are very fast paced. A couple of books that I’ve read about hygge suggest that to really incorporate it into your life, you need to start using the word in daily life and use phrases like “I’m feeling quite hygge,” “that’s so hygge”. For me, this is a little unnecessary but each to their own, hey. Let the movement monsters do what they will.

What’s so good about hygge 

You feel good! You don’t have to do 50 things in one day to feel like your day was successful or win awards. I had a coffee and people watched – It’s relaxing and a great opportunity to be happy in the moment you’re in. You can even practice a bit of mindfulness – what it is that is making you feel relaxed, content and at ease?

How to practice hygge 

I think, in some ways, learning “to hygge” incorporates elements of mindfulness practice and self-awareness. In your daily life, think about the little things that you can do more of – light more candles, use lamps more often to create a cosy atmosphere, have a sit down breakfast with your family, write in your diary to reflect your emotions – and then do more of it!

The hardest part is recognising it. Once you recognise it – it’s easy.



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