Fitbit Blaze – Look Alive

Towards the end of last year, I decided to get a Fitbit Blaze and to this day, I am still loving it! My family have a range of different Fitbit’s and I wanted to join the club. I felt left out from the challenges, like the Weekend Warrior, and was intrigued to find out what my average daily sleep pattern was like not to mention my daily steps.

I use the exercise function when I’m about to hit the gym, go for a walk/run or do some Yoga, which I programmed in. Last week, I was doing a bit of Yoga before bed – to give my mind a bit of clarity. I was feeling good – I remember thinking ‘I’m feeling so alive!’ My body was feeling limber, my mind was relaxed and I remember feeling ecstatically happy.

All of a sudden, my Fitbit (we’ll call him Bob) started vibrating! I knew I hadn’t hit 10,000 steps just yet because I had checked before I started my Yoga session. Hmm.. why was it vibrating?

Guess what was on the screen when I looked down at Bob!

“Look alive!” – in big green letters

I was feeling amazing and but Bob on the other hand was like “Urr, mate… get a move on.”

I was kind of embarrassed but brilliant Bob was just doing what I had programmed him to do. It did make me chuckle and reminded me that technology doesn’t take into consideration how you’re feeling when you’re participating in this exercise. I felt good. Sometimes, a “successful session” might not take that into account.

20170323_200651 (002)

My Fitbit Blaze Bob


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