Recent Volunteering Experience

Very recently, I volunteered at a Yoga studio in London. I wanted to be around like minded people and get my spiritual juices flowing so thought this would be a great way to help out as well as meet some cool people.

The moment I attended the studio, which I will not name, I noticed that the class attendees were friendly and in a good mood – why wouldn’t they be? They just finished an amazing hour long Yoga class. I happily went over to the reception in a very excited mood and expected the other volunteers and staff to reflect my mood too.

Unfortunately, it was the exact opposite! Opposite to my expectations. Opposite to the class attendees I had just met. Opposite to how Yoga makes a person feel.

It was an odd one – there was an older volunteer and a receptionist who were the other volunteers covering the same shift. They quite clearly did not want to engage in conversation with me despite my uplifting mood. This wasn’t just a feeling… I overheard the older lady give the other one tips on how to avoid conversation. Incredible and sad really.

Anyway, that was my first and last time volunteering there, partly because it was too strenuous for my back too. Weirdly, the vibes were not as positive as I would have expect and I might of thought.

My fabulous life advisors (fam and the boyf) quite rightly said – I gave it a go but am better off finding another place to volunteer, where I can bounce off happy people and learn. It really is remarkable what Yoga has become in the Western world and I wanted to share this little experience to let people know that it’s not at all as pretentious as some may have you think. It’s a loving and spiritual practice, accepting and happy.


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