How to deal with stress

A lot can make a person stressed, including work responsibilities, relationship problems, bills/money, deadlines etc. I think it’s very important to listen to your body and your mind to when you are feeling stressed out and give it the attention it needs.

Your reactions could be predominantly physical or mental and it is up to you to figure out how your body tends to react. Practicing mindfulness can help – understanding your emotions and reactions while you’re in that state of mind.

1. Take a deep breath

This is the most common go-to stress relieving technique, but trust me folks, it works. Breath in through the nose, nice and deep, and out through the mouth – if that’s not comfortable, big deep breaths through your mouth is fine too.

These magic breaths will help bring clarity to you perhaps clouded judgement by relieving tension, detoxifying your body and massaging your organs. There are also long term benefits of proper breathing techniques but for stress relief, I would say these are the key benefits.

2. Go for a walk

I feel fantastic when I go for a nice long walk. Letting the breeze gently touch my skin and admiring the beautiful world around me. It makes my problems feel so small and insignificant next to the grandeur of mother earth. Watch the fluffy clouds roll around in the blue sky, watch the glistening stars twinkle twinkle, watch the rain pour, watch lightning strike. There is is so much more to the world and a nice long walk can help put this into perspective.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

It always helps to have support around you, whether that is family, friends, partners, children. They’re a reminder that they love you and care for you and that you’re not alone in the world – let them help you.

4. Vent

Venting is definitely one of my go-to options when dealing with stress. I tend to bottle things up and then lash out – sometimes when I’m with the people I most care about. If you’re anything like me, don’t bottle things up, express it. Write it all down, grab a loved one and tell them your problem (don’t let them try and solve the problem unless you want them to, just let them be there to listen), gym, sing, dance – vent. Taking the load of your shoulders will definitely help the situation.

5. Is it the end of the world? Probably not

Depending on what the stress related problem is, it’s often not worth being stressed about. What is the worst that could happen? If it happens, what will you do? Taadaa, you’ve already faced your fear. You have to put things into perspective and realise that it will all be okay.


Mud on the road… and that’s okay.

If you have a work problem, you have to remember that colleagues and clients are all human too. If you push back a deadline by half a day, that’s okay – I’m sure they’ll understand. If they don’t do everything you can to prioritise this work and push back other deadlines that aren’t so constricting. You have to remember that people are people too. Who knows, perhaps you pushing back a deadline would help out their workload too.


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