Art of resilience: Lesson 4 

We have now reached the final lesson to help become a more resilient person in your daily life. To truly become more resilient, we must use lessons 1-3 and apply the correct strategies to our daily behaviour and actions.
1. Self-awarenesss

Mindfulness is a great way to help you become more self-aware. Once you are aware of your behaviours and actions, it becomes easier to adjust your behaviour and therefore increase resilience in difficult situations as you can slowly let go of negative associations and set backs.

2. Dealing with demanding situations

To exercise your resilience, try reflecting on demanding situations to help future situations that are likely to arise. This could be a situation at work or even if you are struggling with grief – the spectrum is very broad. Through reflection, similar to strategy 1, you will notice an increased understanding of yourself and learn what you need to do to become more resilient.

3. Building agility

Once you start tackling your most difficult situations/subjects, you are likely to notice that you are building agility in other aspects of your life too. Try tackling one subject at a time and find out what the best methods are for you, then apply them to other subjects, if you know they work best.

4. Building your support network

As mentioned in Lesson 1, a strong support network creates the foundations for a resilient person. Allow your supporters to encourage you, lift you up and empower you. You can then focus on this positivity during difficult subjects you face. It will help you move forward, stay determined and give you motivation.

5. Celebrate resilience

Acknowledge what you have or have not overcome. If you want to be more resilient at work and you haven’t managed to be as resilient as you would like to, acknowledge the difficulties and give yourself an alternative solution – be kind to yourself. You might think “wow, we had a tough week and I didn’t manage to get everything I needed to done. However, I have explained the that we currently don’t have the capacity to get the task done to the client and the wider team to manage expectations and I can therefore sort this next week and enjoy my weekend.” – done.
It is all very relative at this point because only you fully know what are the best strategies and approaches for you. This series is simply a way to show you different techniques on how to listen to yourself, become self-aware and then what to focus on to become more resilient.

Theoretically, thinking about becoming more resilient is always easy but when it comes to the nitty gritty it can be quite tough. The art of resilience really is to listen to yourself, understand yourself, understand the situation and use your external and internal factors to motivate you to become more resilient. This will allow you to focus your energy on where it needs to be focused – that’s not the negative thoughts, but instead, the positive thoughts.


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