“Make America Great Again”

So, Donald Trump has fought and bought his way to The White House – goodbye progress.

I know people have different definitions of progress but this is unbelievable. First Brexit and now Trump is the president of the United States of America? I’d rather have Bart Simpson as President haah haah! The whole concept to “Make America great again” reminds me a lot of that yearning for “100% Americanism” prevalent in the 1920s. It’s kind of scary that this seems to ring true with the racist semantics and anti-immigration rallies that have influxed during the campaign period.

I can’t help looking for the underlying tones in the words that come out of the man’s mouth, despite TRYING to keep an open mind. I think his over-produced and reckless social media campaign was a great way to manipulate the people and feed the white working class men with what they wanted to hear about their great nation.

Compared to Obama, who smooths everything off with a touch of elegance, Trump’s presidency is definitely an unpredictable and unprecedented one.

Perhaps he is just a business man who’s made his way to the highest seat in office. Maybe he’s just a puppet. Or, maybe he’s just an entertainer who is giving the majority of the American public what they want – a shxt show (excuse me).

Usually, I wouldn’t passionately post something so controversial on my blog, but American Studies is where my heart lies. To have studied it for so long, write about it for years and do a two year long paper on being 100% American, it feels that we’ve declined a hundred years and I’m not really sure where America goes from here… let’s see what happens in January.

I know the post is a bit choppy, but this is my stream of consciousness on the second politically surreal day this year.


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