The Colour Dash

Last week, my family and I ran the colour dash in Coventry Memorial Park. The fundraising event was held by The Laura Centre, which offers specialist bereavement counselling to parents. It was an incredible experience and I feel very privileged to be a part of the event.

It was even more special because my family and I ran together. I tried washing the colour out of my hair (and… other orifices) but I still had colour up my nose and in my ears for a few days despite washing and washing!


I ran long distance the day before so my hammies were feeling it from then. But, we pushed through, despite my chest (I try not to run outside because it triggers hayfever and asthma in my chest).


When I looked around at everyone, there was just so much determination and support for one and other. It was great to see people running with their children, trainers, family, partners and friends – we were all encouraging each other and it felt great! It just shows that we need to put ourselves in positive situations with positive people and I’m sure this would change our outlook in life. We will feel determined and determine others. We will feel motivated and motivate others.  We will feel encouraged and encourage others.

If we feel positive it’s more likely the people around us will feel positive too.

CR 3 copy


Colour run 2


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