My vegetarianism path

When I was 16, I decided to become a pescatarian – so, I didn’t eat meat but I did eat eggs and fish. I’ve never been much of a meat eater but I have opted for chicken throughout my life instead of red meats. When I continuously kept passing out in my English classes due to an iron deficiency (despite being on medication for this!), my doctor advised me to incorporate meat into my diet. As you’d expect, I started feeling better and my iron levels shot up.

A few years after that, I really got into fitness and would eat a lot of fish, eggs, chicken and turkey as a great source of protein. For about a year now, I’ve wanted to give up meat, eggs and fish but with my stomach problems (gluten and dairy intolerance and sensitivity) that was always going to be an issue for me.

As my stomach is on the path to wellness, I am in a great position to finally continue on my vegetarianism path. I know the right foods to eat to make sure I don’t pass out and I know what I need to do to make sure I keep well. I have the support of my brother and Mum who are also vegetarian and also, I want to follow my Bibi’s footsteps too.


Delicious tofu, tomato and chives – so simple and so yummy

So, why vegetarianism? 

When I was 16, I don’t remember there being a reason in particular as to why I wanted to cut out meat but I guess it was because I didn’t want to eat animals anymore. Since I’ve been studying yoga more closely and mindfulness in particular, I feel guilty and uncomfortable eating meat. Now, I’m not saying that when I ate meat I would feel guilty about meat touching my lips immediately, but when I reflected on my diet later that day, I would feel a discomfort thinking about eating animals and putting their trapped and oppressed energies into my body.


Quinoa, tofu, chives, tomato, mushrooms and a few drops of hot sauce

I never thought I would be one to give up eggs, but a few weeks ago I woke up from a dream in sweats. In the dream I cracked an egg and a bloody chick spilt out of the shell and died in front of me. It was that horrific dream scene that makes me not want to consume meat or eggs or fish! As I’ve been training my mind to lucid dream, it felt so real and I was in shock and there was so much sadness.

If I see a baby chick in the street would I kill him/her? No. So why would I let someone else kill for me so I can eat it anyway?

There is so much we can grow and eat – why kill for food when we have food already. It’s just greed, isn’t it? Sure, cave men ate meat but were they able to grow crops? Probably not. Some individuals in my life are not happy about my decision – but I just need support and the freedom to express how I feel. This is how I feel and it’s a decision that I cannot turn back on, even if I wanted to.


Who says vegetarians can’t have delicious food? This tofu and mushroom burger  with sweet potato fries from Millie’s was amazing! Top it off with some vegan wine… LUSH!


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