Darla the Guitar(la)

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. When I was around 12, my uncle bought me a guitar for my birthday and I played as much as I could – jamming out in my room. Even though I had no understanding or education of the types of chords, I managed to teach myself how to play Geek Stink Breath by Green Day! After that, I was happy. Oh, my brother also taught me how to play The Godfather theme tune too!! Cool kids.

Darla 2

One day, I was playing darts with my brother and my guitar was underneath the board (don’t ask why!). Even though I’m a frigin’ ace dart player, my finger slipped and the dart went straight for my guitar, grazing the E string. And that was that – I never replaced the string.

So why have I decided to pick up a guitar again?

I guess, the desire has always been there but I’ve needed a push to dedicate myself and learn – it’s like learning a new language – it takes time. James plays guitar and he’s recently spent more time focusing on his music. I think I’ve just rekindled my desire by watching him play and seeing the passion in his eyes. I can’t stop thinking about playing – which is a great thing when learning something new because it makes me want to continue practicing.

I now have a beautiful guitar that James bought and played in Argentina when he was travelling. Her name’s Darla and she’s a pretty little thang.


My fingers are very sore, especially my forefinger, and apparently I am yet to develop “callouses” on my fingers that I’m kind of looking forward to – my fingers are so tendor!

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in a few weeks but for now It’s making me happy and is putting me in a good mood.

I’m going to learn Kumbaya hah!


Just because my nephew is a cutie pie ❤


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