Heart to heart with my Pops

I love coming home to my home home and just living day by day chatting and doing stuff with my family.

Me and the rentss

Me and my beautiful parents

I came home this weekend and my Dad and I had a heart to heart. We talked about his future dreams for me, how much he worries and if I’m being treated right… I don’t think a parent would be a good parent if they didn’t worry – trusting yourself that you’ve done a good job in raising your child and hoping they’re okay in the big wide world.

My Dad has worked so hard in his life and I know I wouldn’t be able to faff around and live in my dream world as much as I do if he didn’t. He’s my hero, my saviour, my favourite man in the world. I know that I always have my home here and there would be no issues in me coming back if I need to. I know my Mum loves having me home and I love being home! A lot of people don’t have what I have and I’m lucky I do – I am very much appreciative! My parents have taught and rooted me well, letting me flourish in any directions I choose. If I decide to choose the blue path rather than the green, my home is always firmly rooted so I can choose the green or the red or the yellow path if the blue doesn’t work out.

Me and Mum

Me and my beautiful Mum

Me and Dad

Me and my beautiful (and very tanned) Dad in Cyprus



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