The Journey of Self-Acceptance

To be yourself, you have to accept yourself. Once you have accepted yourself, you’ll realise that you don’t need to be accepted by others. You’ll also find beautiful and positive people will be instantly drawn to you.
It’s taken a while for me to understand myself and that’s mostly because I haven’t always consciously listened. Even when I did hear my inner voice, I wouldn’t always acknowledge the voice and would do what my mind suggested instead.

I later learned that the voice was speaking the words of my heart. I also learned that social constructions and social everything was encouraging me to block out this beautiful and strong voice of my heart. Unfortunately, we are raised in a world of oppressors who encourage us to block the voice but that does not mean we have to be oppressed and definitely does not mean we have to oppress.

When I began practicing Yoga more consistently in 2013, I also took time to meditate. The more a practiced and meditated, the more I began listening to my inner self – my heart. I listened and listened and gradually I found I was happier. I don’t mean I was in a good mood (I mean, I was…) – I was just content. Content with life, content with where I was, content with the people around me – just content. Most importantly though, I was accepting of who I am. I had grown this love and protection for myself that had always been there but I was finally allowing it to flourish.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 15.29.50

Recently, I’ve encountered set backs as the City can be mentally overwhelming and draining. But, I know that I’ll never be in the same frame of mind pre-2013 because my awareness of myself has shifted. I’ve broken the societal wall that blocked my inner voice and all I can do is listen and learn more and more and more. Today, if a tambourine is on my mind, I’ll pick up a tambourine and play. If I feel like I need to be silent, I’ll be silent. If I want to scream at the moon to shine brighter, I will. I follow my heart and I’m comfortable in my own skin to do so. And I am comfortable enough in myself to not need the acceptance of others.

This is nugget of knowledge I give to you – on this journey, you will encounter obstacles and set backs that will shudder the foundations you’ve built for yourself and your parents and loved ones have helped you build. But, always keep moving forward towards the light of knowledge. Even if the light is dim and you feel stuck, afraid or lost, it’s far darker behind you – in the past. So, don’t worry and allow yourself to be courageous enough to keep moving. Trust yourself enough to trust yourself – and continue this journey of self-acceptance

Sabrina xxx


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