Roar like a monkey

It’s hard when you have a style or way of doing things and someone tells you it’s wrong. Ways and styles are relative – not absolute. So, how can it be wrong. When someone drills into your head that xxx is wrong then it can make you doubt yourself. It can stress you out because you’re fixed on having to make what’s wrong right.

 But, what is right? What is wrong? Who dictates what’s right and what’s wrong?

Now, morality is a different kettle of fish – a bigger debate I can talk for hours on. Right now, I’m talking about actions, activities, arrangements, writing, singing, playing a guitar, playing the triangle, dancing etc… teachers can teach what they want to teach. That doesn’t mean what they teach is the beeez kneeeez, ya know!

I have learnt to make sure that I don’t lose that touch that makes me me. I love writing in a stream of consciousness, even though I try and reel it in for clarity sometimes – but that’s what I like. And that’s what I like reading too. So I’ll keep reading and… fish… writing… donkey in the manger… like that too… I love Christmas time…

I’m sure there’s something you’ve lost because of someone telling you “that’s not right”. Well, I say – get that flare back! Dance like a live wire, sing like a horse and write like a child – It’s all good. All good.


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