Fighting Fire with Fire is just Feeding the Fire

For those of you who aren’t aware of what’s going on in British politics at the mo, the British government are considering bombing Syria to get rid of an extremist ideology and create peace and order in the world.

Yep, bombing innocent civilians for peace. Genius.

On Saturday 28th November, I joined thousands of other people outside Downing Street to protest against the bombing of Syria. Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-war position, David Cameron has decided to call for a vote on whether or not Britain should start air-striking Syria.


I managed to get up on stage an take a couple of snaps and vids


Over 5,000 people protesting against bombing Syria

The protest bought Whitehall to a stand still and there were speakers, such as Mark Rylance, Owen Jones, George Galloway, Kate Husdon and Tariq Ali who revved up the crowd outside Downing Street with their words of wisdom and speeches to not bomb Syria. It was amazing to see so many people on the streets peacefully protesting this nonsensical move by Cameron and his posse (eyyy, ooooh!).


Tariq Ali’s speech was by far my favourite – informative and clever


He’s not everybody’s favourite but I was agreeing with pretty much everything he said on stage



Lindsey German

There were all sorts of people, including kids and elderly people (I took a shot of this one man who was chanting as loud as he possibly could and his passion and determination bought a tear to my eye – I want to be just like him when I’m his age) who all came together to rally.


He is just everything – I wanted to give him a big ole hug

You can’t fight for peace by bombing another a country where you will kill so many innocent people, most of which would be defenceless women and children. Imagine your friends, family and children being bombed just because of the country they live in – it’s absolutely ridiculous! Think about those who physically can’t flee the country for whatever reason. Britain, Russia, the USA, Australia, Canada, France etc can’t bomb an ideology away. Surely, fighting fire with fire is just feeding the fire… If other countries have been bombing Syria for an entire year and there has been no change then change the approach. Be more tactical. Start talking. Use your loaf!


Don’t bomb Syria – not in my name!


Don’t Attack Syria

Being around all of these different people also reminded me that no matter how old you are, everyone has a voice and the power to change. So let’s go folks, let’s use our brains and voices and make the world better.


Peace and love, maaan!

Thanks for reading, all!


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